Terms of Use

Our System is an information site that provides content for agents and customers, including but not limited to individuals and organizations that use or do business with us (hereinafter referred to as You). By using this Website and any products/utilities here, it means that You have accepted and agreed to abide by these Terms of Use.

1. Fair Use

You must accept that You will not be allowed to engage in any conduct that could imply that You have been, are or will be conducting business in any form including but not limited to offering or soliciting goods or selling goods. , rent, license, display, deliver, advertise and promote directly or indirectly any products, services, data, information, images with content that violates applicable laws and is pure. Vietnamese customs and traditions. You may not participate in any activities related to the dissemination, publishing or transmission of unwanted emails (spam) on the Internet to other users in the system such as promotional and advertising information.

2. Links to third-party websites or advertisements

This website may link to websites of third parties. We provide links to make these connections for Your convenience. These vendor or advertising websites are owned by independently operated organizations. We are not responsible, endorsed or liable for any content, advertising, or products available from such websites.

You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss in connection with the use of or reliance on the content or products. or services available on any such website. You should research suppliers carefully before making any transactions with third parties.

3. Intellectual property rights

All images, logos, and all other content (referred to as Content) on this Website are owned by us and other organizations/companies that have been authorized by us. We allow You to view, download and print Content when:

• You use it for personal purposes only and not for commercial purposes.

• You shall not copy, publish or reuse the Content.

• You may not edit the Content.

• You do not transfer any copyright, trademark and other proprietary Content on the Website. Except as expressly permitted above, any copying, adaptation or reuse of the Website Content without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited. To request use of the Content, You may contact. If approved, You must ensure that Your use of Website Content will be in accordance with these Regulations and that this use does not violate the rights and interests of other individuals/organizations or violate contracts. , legal obligations of other individuals/organizations.

4. Refuse to guarantee failure

This website and its facilities are provided on an “as available” basis. We do not guarantee that the Website or facilities will always be available, usable, uninterrupted, timely, accurate, secure, free of errors or viruses, or certain of the results achieved after when using the Website and utilities. You should note that this Website and its facilities rely on Internet services and are subject to power outages or interruptions, external attacks and delays. In such cases, subject to these terms, we will endeavor to remedy the disruption and provide such adjustments, repairs and replacements as are reasonably practicable to restore the system.

5. Limitation of liability

We will not bear any responsibility or joint liability for the consequences of unauthorized access to the provider’s server or interface; Website; Your equipment and data or Your customer data due to accident, illegal means such as hacking or third party equipment and other causes beyond our control. We are also not responsible if the utility or Website is infiltrated by trojans, viruses, or other software programs intentionally sabotaged by outsiders.

As a condition of your use of this Website and facilities, You agree that we, our directors, employees, member organizations, shareholders, agents, and suppliers shall have no liability to you. You or a third party for loss of profits or business opportunities; damages and costs arising directly or indirectly from connecting to this Website or using our utilities.

6. Access the admin area

Only those legally authorized by us may access and use the password-protected administrative areas of the Website. Individuals/organizations that intentionally enter this area may be sued and, depending on the severity, prosecuted according to current law.

Separate utility areas for users where you can register for a free user account, log in and customize content according to your needs.

7. Privacy policy

All information entered into this Website is subject to our Privacy Policy including membership registration information and personal information. We do not use member information other than to personalize access according to your preferences, privacy is guaranteed throughout the system.

8. General Terms

In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use (in whole or in part) becomes invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it will only affect the provision that has been determined to be invalid and does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. If there is a discrepancy between these Terms of Use and the Facility Usage Agreements, the latest provision shall prevail.